Chapter 15 – Full House

With the addition of baby Joanne and her twin brother James, the Potter household was officially full.  Thankfully Penny had the help of Eddard, Fleur, and Ginny because juggling two toddlers and two infants was proving to be a lot of work.


Hermione wasn’t too happy that she had two new baby siblings taking up all of Penny’s time and attention.


But Irma was okay with it as long as she had some music to distract her.


Apparently she wasn’t the only one in the house who loved to boogie down to some sweet jams.


But no matter how busy Penny was with the twins, she always made time for bedtime stories and tuck-ins at night.


In the morning, the girls had breakfast in bed.  They were sooooo hungry that they didn’t want to go downstairs to eat.


On the weekends, everyone took shifts to keep each other sane.  One would be sleeping, while the other three would take care of the little ones.  Fleur made sure James and Joanne were full and happy…


While Ginny cleaned breakfast crumbs from Irma’s hair.


Two new cribs were bought to replace the older ones.  After 11 babies, they’d become a bit messy and tattered.


Penny also replaced the old dollhouse with a brand new castle!  The girls were so thrilled and forgot all about the attention-sucking-little-siblings for a bit.


Ahh potty training.  Everyone’s favorite activity.  Luckily Hermione was an independent little lady, so she mostly taught herself.


The babies were finally asleep, and both girls were calm, so Fleur had a bit of a nap while Eddard finished up some paintings.


Hermione was OBSESSED with their new dollhouse.  ❤


Penny got in a quick workout while she could.  She had to keep in shape to chase two toddlers around.


Hermione seemed to forget all about Crookshanks, so Irma claimed him as her own.  We’re still hoping that one day we can adopt some pet kitties…. but no luck yet.


Bedtime for the girlies… and screaming time for the babies,


And finally everyone was able to sleep through the night for the very first time.


Bright and early, the girls woke up ready to learn and play.


They look like they’re plotting something…


Hermione found Crookshanks again and remembered why she loved him so much.  ❤


Somehow Irma got downstairs into the basement with a plate of food.  Sneaky little one!


After a long day of playing, learning, and eating, the girls took a nap on the sofa together while Penny made some surprises in the kitchen.

It’s birthday time!  First up was Fleur with her delicious strawberry cake.

Right after was Hermione with her cherry cake!  Happy Birthday ladies!


fleur ya

hermione child

With new birthdays comes new bedroom remodels, too!  Hermione and Ginny got to share a room now.


And even though Eddard and Fleur were young adults, they saw how much help their mother still needed and decided they’d be okay sharing a room together and helping out for at least a bit longer.


Sleep tight, Potter family.  ❤


Chapter 14 – Double Trouble

Now that Ginny was a teen, she was so happy that she could finally pick up her little sister and help out when she needed food or cuddles.


It was also nice to finally be able to learn how to cook.  The next morning, she got some french toast all whipped up for everyone to eat when they woke up.


Irma was the first to wake up, crying her little lungs out for attention.  Luckily Penny got in a decent night’s rest before the howling began.


Hermione woke up next and toddled her way down the stairs.  She didn’t want any help getting her breakfast and she ate it on the sofa instead of in her high chair.  Independent toddlers are quite amusing.  ♥


After breakfast, she had a little chat with her stuffed bear, Binky.


Then, her favorite big brother Eddard came over to give her loves!


And she flew around the room like a fairy, giggling uncontrollably.


Don’t let his tattoos and piercings fool you, Eddard has the softest heart out of all of our 100 babies so far.


TV time!  Look at those cute little cloud shoes! ♥


Later in the day, Irma’s bassinet began to sparkle and wiggle!  Looks like we’ll have another toddler running around soon!


Happy Birthday, Irma!


At first, the girls mostly ignored each other and played with their own toys.


But then, Penny moved the dollhouse inside.  She figured it was already dangerous with one toddler going out by the pool.  Two could be disastrous.  They were drawn to the dollhouse like little magnets.


Ginny was thrilled to see that her old toys were still being loved and taken care of.  Even if they sometimes got a little chewed on.


I’m not sure exactly what was going on here.  I think Irma was following Hermione around and she wasn’t having it.


But I guess they made up.  Awwww sissy hugs!


Penny was still walking around in her PJs during lunchtime.  This pregnancy had her pretty exhausted, so I guess she figured why change clothes?

The girls ate lunch together in Hermione’s favorite spot.


Fleur loved the rose garden and spending time outside near the pool.  I wonder what the Potters will do if snow ever comes to their world?


Fleur – “I’m so jealous.  I don’t know how you can eat so much cake and have so many babies and still keep in such great shape, mom!”



After that conversation, our lazy sim hopped on the treadmill…


… and instantly regretted it.


Pretty soon it was bedtime for the girls, so Penny and Eddard read to them until they fell asleep.


After putting the girls to bed, Penny took some time to herself to sit and write a novel about a daring princess, a charming prince, and a bit of magic.


Fleur worked on her homework in the girls’ room while they slept.


I guess she found that particular question confusing?


Then she was off to bed.  In the morning, she got back to work on her extra credit while Eddard fixed breakfast for everyone.


When Ginny woke up, they shared videos that they saw on their Simsbook feed and laughed for a bit.


Then, Ginny, being the active gal that she was, dropped to the floor to do crunches.


She was feeling quite confident, so she posted up a selfie on her Simsbook wall and got tons of likes.  This being a teenager thing wasn’t so bad.


Irma woke up and couldn’t get down the stairs on her own, so instead she babbled to her new friend Pinky.


Finally everyone came down for breakfast – which was apparently a garden salad.  This is the last time we allow Eddard to make breakfast for us.

01-15-17_8-47-07-pm01-15-17_8-48-06 PM.png

Later that night, Ginny gave Hermione her bath.

01-15-17_8-51-34 PM.png

Then, as she and Penny were painting together outside, Penny went into labor!

01-15-17_9-02-40 PM.png

Finally we have twins again!  A boy and a girl!  Welcome to the world, little James and Joanne Potter!

01-15-17_9-08-30 PM.png

Chapter 13 – Toddling Feets and Yummy Sweets

Penny didn’t waste much time in picking up her next beau.  She met Robi Eastman a few days ago and explained how everything worked – no strings attached – so when she gave him the phone call, he rushed right over.

While Hermione napped, Penny worked her magic on Robi.


Aren’t they too cute?!


Their giggles woke Hermione up and she wandered off towards the front door…


and that crafty little gal slipped down the steps undetected.


Or so she thought.  Penny was right on her heels.


Good thing, too.  Having a pool in the backyard with toddlers is stressful!


But it turns out that Hermione just wanted to play with her sister’s dollhouse.  Looks like we’ll need to move that inside soon.


After asking Eddard to keep watch over his little sister, Penny returned to Robi to seal the deal.


His reaction when she told him she was pregnant already was absolutely priceless!


Meet father number 10 – Robi Eastman.


Ginny stepped in to help with baby Irma and cleaning up the house whenever she wasn’t in school or studying.


Penny still loved her newly remodeled kitchen so very much.  She had a refrigerator full of leftovers, breakfast still on the counter, and was still making a new meal just to spend time in her favorite room of the house.


Hermione didn’t want the salad that Penny made, but she loooooved her yogurt.


She was also learning to use the potty really quickly.  Luckily she’s an independent little gal, so she didn’t really need supervision – Penny just liked to help when she could.


Then, it was bath time!


Next up, flash cards!  Penny was finally financially stable enough that she could spend a lot more time with her little ones instead of having her older kiddos take care of them while she sold her masterpiece paintings.  Eddard still helped a bit, though.


When she got bored with learning words, she came back to her favorite – Crookshanks the kitty.  ♥


Dance time!


After baking a cake, Penny took Hermione to the backyard to meet up with everyone for Ginny’s big birthday celebration!


Ginny took one last look at her dollhouse and said goodbye to her dolls before aging up into a teenager.


Happy Birthday Ginny Potter!


Chapter 12 – It’s Tough to be a Toddler

Fleur – “Just look at those butterflies!  And the feathers! ”
Eddard looked at the Simazon search tabs Fleur had pulled up on her phone.  It wasn’t his style, but he could see the glimmer in her eyes.


Fleur just couldn’t wait to renovate and redecorate the house – especially the room she shared with her little sister Ginny.  She only had one small corner of the house to herself, but she was determined to make it her own.


When everything was finished, she never wanted to leave.


Ginny was a little less interested in “designing”, but knew she wanted to have a place for all of the Voidcritters she’d collected from her older siblings.  Some of them were worth a lot of money now!


She was pretty thrilled with the outcome, though – several shelves and some decals of her personal favorite critters.  Plus, a nightlight to keep the monsters away, because, well, monsters are the worst.


The pool was apparently THE place to be… even when you desperately needed a shower and wanted to eat some leftover cake.  Oh these silly sims are full of surprises.


Even though Penny really needed to get her gardening skill up, Fleur helped out while she was super pregnant and too tired to do much other than sleep, cook meals, take care of Hermione, and rush to the bathroom before her bladder failed her.


She loved gardening almost as much as Dany, though, so it worked out.


Hermione’s first birthday was quickly approaching, so some much needed additions were placed on the house.  Here’s the new exterior view, with the added space in the living room for toys and other toddler things.


Basement floor plan with Fleur and Ginny’s re-decorated room and Eddards mostly empty room.


First floor – with an added play area


Second floor with Hermione’s new toddler-approved room


Here are a couple shots of the new play space off of the living room.



Here are a couple of shots of Hermione’s new room.



All of a sudden, Hermione’s bassinet began to sparkle and Penny knew it was time to meet her very first toddler!


Our independent little gal is just the cutest!

(You’ll notice in some of her pictures she has brown eyes.  I had an issue with some CC eyes that made ALL of my toddlers have default brown eyes.  Once I fixed it, I changed her eyes to blue because both of her parents have blue eyes – so it only made sense that she would too)


Well hello you adorable little gal, you!


Hermione LOVED her kitty cat, Crookshanks.  She carried him around everywhere and snuggled him every chance she got.
My darling girl, I wish I could give you a real kitty cat… but your world doesn’t have them yet.  Maybe someday… hopefully soon??


Hermione – “Reeeow!”



Hermione got to experience her first ever birthday party the same day that she aged up.


Happy Birthday big brother Eddard!



Luckily, even though he was an adult now, he decided to stick around a while longer to help out.  He was such a mush when it came to Hermione.  She stuck out that little bottom lip and he melted into a puddle.


Hermione – “Stowwey time?”

Eddard – “Of course, angel”


He tucked her in and gave her a kiss on the forehead.


Meanwhile, the girls finished up their homework together…


… and Penny went into labor!


Welcome to the world, sweet little Irma!


The next morning, Hermione woke up HANGRY!  She couldn’t get down the stairs on her own, so she sat and screamed until Eddard came up bring her down for breakfast.  It didn’t take long… his big brother radar was strong.


He didn’t like it when she was upset with him.  They both furrowed their brows at each other…


… but as soon as she finished eating, she was back to her sweet, bubbly little self again.

(I can relate, girlfriend.  Don’t get between a gal and her food.)


After breakfast, it was potty training time!  Oh what fun.


Then it was time to learn how to stack some blocks!



Then it was time to check out the toddler apps on the tablet.  So many games to choose from!


When lunch came around, our little independent lady didn’t want to get into the highchair.


Instead, she grabbed a plate by herself and slowly climbed up onto the sofa to eat.



She was so proud of herself.  She knew she could do it without help.


Back to some block stacking… and then…


Nap time.

Man, it’s tough to be a toddler.



Chapter 11 – Diving In


Now that Cedric, Catelyn, and Daenerys were gone, the house seemed so empty.  Penny was back to doing most of the cleaning and cooking again as well.



But, Ginny was a great kid and hardly ever left messes around.  If she had time to clean it up, she always did.


Dany’s garden became Penny’s responsibility now, too.  She didn’t know the first thing about keeping a garden alive, so she had a lot to learn.


After finishing with the garden, she snuck away to visit the new neighbors down the street.


Two vest-wearing, adorable roommates to add to her collection!  Penny was thrilled to find out that they were both single, too.


Her first victim was Beau Patterson.  Her wit, charm, and beguiling gestures had him convinced in no time.


(Is it just me, or does it seem like his roommate is asking “Why not me?!”)


And so, Penny sealed the deal.



Meanwhile, back at home, Eddard was teaching Fleur how to dive into the pool.  Such a great big brother!




Then, he helped both of the girls with their homework.


And got Hermione all ready to sleep soundly for the night.


Penny:  “I don’t know what I’d do without you.  Please, never move out!”


Since it was the weekend, Penny and Eddard had plenty of time to spend painting together.


He was pretty tired from being a superhero of a big brother, so he took a nap in the hot tub when he finished.


Penny finished up her painting and realized that she really wanted to be swimming instead… and so she suited up and hopped in.



Soon after, the girls joined in on the fun.  Ginny dove in and splashed her mom playfully.



All of the commotion made Eddard wake up and he dove in too.


Oh no… that doesn’t look too good…


Ouch… belly flops are the worst!


His “dive” splashed Penny, so she splashed him back.


Then Fleur joined in too.



They had a blast!


When everyone was worn out, Penny got back to work painting until she heard Hermione crying in the living room.



How both of the girls could sleep through her cries, I will never know.


Penny knew she forgot about something!  She almost let her garden wilt and die.  She realized she needed to get into a better routine of checking on the plants or she just might end up without them.



It’s also good to note that gardening takes a lot out of you… especially when you’re almost in your third trimester of pregnancy!


No time to rest, though.  It was Fleur’s birthday!  Penny whipped up a cake really quickly and threw on some more comfortable clothes, in case she had to pass out again.


Happy Birthday, Fleur!  Welcome to life as a teenager!



Chapter 10 – The Surprise Gift


When we last saw the Potters, baby Ginny was born, which meant it was time for Penny to find a new victim!  Since four of the six children in the house were teens or older, she had no worries leaving the new baby at home while she scouted around the neighborhood.

She spotted Jack Westfall as she crossed the bridge and knew she just had to have his genes for her next baby!


It’s almost as if she does this for a living…


Dany’s roses were still blooming beautifully.


Penny was loving all of this extra free time with only one baby – and Ginny was such a wonderful baby at that.  She hardly ever cried and slept most of the time.  Penny maxed out her cooking skills and even had time to clean up that disgusting counter afterwards.


Catelyn’s active trait kept her in great shape.  She loved taking nightly jogs around the neighborhood in the cooler evenings.


Dany worked extra hard on her homework and extra credit, knowing that she was just on the edge of getting that A and getting her birthday celebration…


… and the next day, she reached her goal!  Flirty Penny baked her a cake to celebrate.


Happy Birthday, Daenerys!


Just after the party ended, Ginny aged up too!


She and Fleur got straight to their homework for school in the morning.


Eddard was focused on getting an A soon, too.


Even though Dany and the twins were young adults now, they stuck around for a bit longer to get some more money for Penny to use for a VERY exciting upcoming renovation.  Her garden was bringing in some money, and Cedric and Cat were painting like mad.  They wanted to surprise the little ones with a brand new pool and a lovely landscaped backyard.


And so they did!  Ginny was the first to try it out…


… but she was pretty exhausted and ended up napping on the sofa with Cat instead.


With the nice new privacy fence, Dany loved to whistle while she gardened – and wasn’t embarrassed to chat with her plants sometimes.


Eddard flexing for a selfie to send to the ladies… oh yes my dear… you’re adorable and you know it.


And Penny’s newest pregnancy seemed to fly by.  She went into labor just as Cat was gearing up to go for a swim.


“Hey mom!  Wanna take a dip in the pool with me?”


… “or better yet, let’s get you to the hospital!”


Welcome to the family, our dearest little Hermione.  ♥


With the birth of their newest little sister, Cedric, Catelyn, and Daenerys knew it was time to move out on their own and follow their dreams.  Penny gave them each a hug, shed some tears, and said goodbye as they walked down the street to their new home together.


And just like that, our once full house was down to only five family members.

Chapter 9 – Waterslides!


Despite being a lazy sim, Fleur woke up extra early for her first day of school.  Her first day being on a Friday may have helped motivate her a bit, too.

She enjoyed a quiet breakfast with her sisters, followed by some time creating art in the play room downstairs.  It seems that she may have some artistic genes, too.


Dany’s rose garden was coming along quite nicely.  She treated each plant as if it were her own child – delicately pulling the weeds and sprinkling water before they were even thirsty.


She truly loved to see them bloom.


The next day, Penny had a delicious chocolate cake all ready and waiting early in the afternoon for Cedric and Catelyn’s birthday celebration!  Yay!  Happy birthday Cedric!


Happy birthday Cat!


Penny surprised the kids with an amazing new WATERSLIDE!  Perfect for this super hot summer weather!  They started out taking it slow – just doing basic slides until they got used to how it worked.


But some tried out a few goofy poses…


Others plopped… slipped… and fell.  A lot.


Ouch!  Poor Catelyn!


Walk it off, girl.  You’ll get it next time.


She tries again!


This time she nails it!  Woot!


The sun started to set and it got a bit chilly, but the kids had such an awesome day out in the sun that they really didn’t want to stop sliding.


Eventually the kiddos went to bed and the painting began again.


Silly twins, painting the same picture.  Great minds think alike.


And a super-prego Penny got some flirty paintings in while she still had the energy.


She got to bed pretty late, but still got up early to catch the birds out in her new bird feeder.  Everyone needs to take some time to enjoy the little things in life.


Now that she was in the last stage of her pregnancy, her energy was drained and frequent naps were a must… followed by trips to the bathroom.  At least she didn’t have any babies to look after right now.  Phew.


Her back was killing her as she baked a special cake for Eddard.  He was aging into a teen today, thanks to his great grades.  She chatted with Cat while Dany and Fleur finished up some extra credit so they could have birthdays soon, too.


Happiest of birthdays to you, Eddard Potter!


For his birthday, he didn’t want traditional gifts like fish tanks or waterslides.  Instead, he wanted tons of piercings and tattoos!


Soon after the party, Penny went into labor and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.


Welcome to the world, Ginny Potter! ♥


Chapter 8 – Fishing


Ahhh just smell that wonderful morning air.  Dany was always the first to wake up in the morning – bright and early.  She knew that was the best time to catch some fish.


She hated releasing them back into the pond, but without an aquarium, she had no choice.


Back at home, lots of paintings were being finished up and were ready to be hauled off to collectors or the art gallery.  Catelyn and Cedric definitely got some artistic skills from Penny.


Mmmm mac and cheese. ♥


Little Fleur got along famously with her big brother Cedric.  Penny hardly even got a chance to tend to her with him around.


Since everyone was busy and Fleur was being taken care of, Penny decided to call up Christopher’s twin brother, Liam.  He already knew the drill, so he was easy to convince.  No date this time, though.


Apparently the gentleman gene runs in their family.  Liam woke up from his nap and randomly cleaned the house.  Why, oh why, can’t we keep these guys around???


Eddard wasn’t feeling too hot, so he drank a bottle of medicine…


… and then he and Cedric hid out in the girls room for some strange reason – eating BLT sandwiches and reading books.


Penny had  big surprise planned for Dany’s birthday that night.  Now that the money was coming in a lot faster with her paintings, she bought Dany a brand new aquarium to put in the game room downstairs.


Dany was so thrilled!  She could finally keep some of her favorite catches as pets!


Happy birthday Daenerys!


Now that Dany was older, she decided to start up a rose garden outside to help with some of the family bills – plus she loved being outside any chance she could get.


The twins were still painting up a storm.


Penny still didn’t get to spend much time with Fleur.  Cedric and Dany were constantly doting over her.  They made sure she had a full belly, a clean diaper, and was loved to the fullest.


But, when she wasn’t tending to her garden or cuddling her baby sister, Dany’s absolute favorite place was their pond.  She could spend entire days out there fishing.  In fact, that’s exactly what she and Eddard did.


Later that night, as everyone slept, Fleur aged up into an a adorable, lazy little girl.
Then, she went straight to sleep because – well – she’s lazy.  🙂


Chapter 7 -First Date

Ahh.. what a beautiful summer day in Newcrest.  So beautiful, in fact, that Penny decided to enjoy her breakfast outside.


Just as she finished up her bowl of cereal, two gorgeous blondes caught her eye.  Almost identical, these guys were surely brothers.  Penny called over to them and they waited for her to catch up.


They were both very sweet and after a small chat, they invited her over to their place.  With Cedric and Catelyn at home to help out, she figured she could slip away for a bit.


Chris and Liam’s place was quite the bachelor pad.  Clearly neither of them were ready to settle down anytime soon, so Penny decided to make her move.  She explained that she was looking for a no-strings-attached donor and that they wouldn’t have to be involved in their kids lives if they didn’t want to.


Their roommate, Jack, overheard the conversation as well, but Chris jumped on the opportunity and asked Penny out on a date to a fancy new restaurant that just opened up down the street.  She said her goodbyes and rushed back home to get all dolled up for her first REAL date!


Penny was so excited to get out of the house.  She couldn’t believe how gorgeous this place was and how well Chris cleaned up.


He made reservations for the best table in the house and Penny couldn’t help but notice a lack of pricing on the menu.  Did he have more money than he lead her to believe?


She ordered the lobster and their best white wine.  While they waited for the food to arrive, they talked about their favorite artists, where they’d travel if they had the chance, and their families.  The dinner was wonderful and she had a fantastic time talking about things other than homework and who was going to do the dishes next.


After dinner, Penny invited Chris over for the night and gave him a sweet kiss before they strolled down the street to her house.


She could see herself really falling for this guy… but she knew that wasn’t possible.  So instead, she settled for adding his child(ren) to her family.


The next morning, Eddard grew into a child and gained the outgoing trait.  Everyone got straight to doing their homework so they could get an A as soon as possible.


Then came the painting… Cedric, Catelyn, and Penny were on a roll – completing painting after painting and selling them all for a decent amount of simoleons.


But with everyone busy at work, the house was getting to be quite disgusting.


Luckily, Kieran was still coming by to clean.  Penny was worried that with his “hates children” trait, he might quit after Eddard was a bit older, but he didn’t.  Instead, he went about his work and ignored that they even existed – which worked out because Eddard didn’t know who he was.


Catelyn wanted to know how in the world Penny could sign up for this.  The aching back, the stress, the exhaustion, and hardly ever leaving the house.  She was so happy to know that there was no way she could be the next heir.


Penny didn’t really have an answer for her because at that exact moment in time, she couldn’t figure it out herself.  But, it inspired her to go paint a picture of who she might have been if she’d chosen a different path.


Just after she finished her painting, she went into labor!


She had a beautiful baby girl.  Welcome to the world, little Fleur Potter!


Chapter 6 – Renovations!

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen an update on our lovely Potter babies.  Let’s see what they’ve been up to!

Thanks to all of the paintings made by Penny, Arya, Bellatrix, and Bran, the renovations were finally able to be added to the house – making plenty of room for the growing family.

Penelope’s room became the brand new dining space, opening up an area for stairs leading down to their spacious finished basement.

07-19-16_1-28-49 AM

Penny moved all of her things upstairs into her new bedroom.  She couldn’t believe how soundly she could sleep now that she didn’t share a wall with the kitchen, main bathroom, and living room with it’s booming surround sound.

07-19-16_1-30-01 AM

And just check out this basement!  As soon as you get down the stairs, you enter a lovely family fun room, complete with several games and a theater area for puppet shows.  Plus, two new bedrooms for the kiddos.  The bedroom on the left had another bed added shortly after I took the picture because, well, let’s just say I can’t count.

A space was also added that will eventually become another (very much needed) bathroom.

07-19-16_1-28-33 AM

Everyone loved the changes to the house.  Puppet shows have always been a favorite activity for the Potter kids, but now they finally had a designated space with comfy new bean bag chairs.

07-19-16_9-16-19 PM07-19-16_9-16-43 PM07-19-16_9-18-23 PM

Don’t Wake The Llama was a huge hit with the whole family.  There was always at least one person playing or practicing.

07-19-16_9-23-59 PM07-19-16_9-24-33 PM08-03-16_11-45-13 PM08-03-16_11-45-35 PM

But nobody enjoyed losing.
Poor Cedric.

08-03-16_11-45-56 PM

Woo Voidcritter Battle Station!  The collections kept growing and their critters kept leveling.  Definitely still a favorite with the kids.

08-03-16_11-41-15 PM08-03-16_11-42-04 PM
08-04-16_12-02-52 AM

After having a blast in the new game room, everyone helped each other with their homework and got it done just in time to get to bed.

07-19-16_10-07-42 PM

Their first night in the new basement bedrooms was a bit scary for Catelyn, Cedric and Dany, so Bella made sure to tuck them in nice and tight.  She read them to sleep and turned off the lights, then went upstairs to her bedroom to sleep.

07-19-16_9-58-29 PM

Not even 2 hours passed before they were stirred awake by the growling coming from below Cedric’s bed!  Poor kiddos!  How were they ever going to get any sleep with these monsters hanging around?

07-19-16_9-31-41 PM

Luckily, Bran’s room was right next door.  They begged him to spray under the bed and when everyone felt that he’d killed this particular monster, they curled back up under their blankets and fell fast asleep.

Brother Bran to the rescue!

07-19-16_9-33-54 PM

Little Catelyn was the first to wake up the next morning – before the sun even began to rise.  She was on a mission to catch some fish.

07-24-16_12-43-35 PM

She didn’t even care if she got her skirt and dressy shoes all wet.

07-24-16_12-43-43 PM

Next to wake up was Penny… with contractions!  Baby number 6 was on it’s way!

07-19-16_10-08-12 PM07-19-16_10-08-18 PM

Welcome to the world, little Eddard Potter!

07-19-16_10-13-15 PM07-19-16_10-13-19 PM

Catelyn was so excited to meet her new little brother and she was really helpful –  always running over to play with him or chat with him if he was crying.

08-03-16_11-53-42 PM08-03-16_11-53-48 PM

Bran helped out with keeping the house clean.

08-03-16_11-52-04 PM

Arya helped repair the antique kitchen sink that desperately needed an upgrade.

07-24-16_12-38-05 PM07-24-16_12-38-08 PM

The counters were becoming dingy and dirty…

08-04-16_12-05-42 AM

… and the stove occasionally shot flames out much higher than it should.  Penny couldn’t wait to focus on this room next.

08-04-16_12-05-45 AM

Despite the shooting flames, her pancakes turned out all right and everyone enjoyed a nice breakfast before heading off to school.

08-04-16_12-13-21 AM08-04-16_12-13-39 AM

While they were gone… Penny got to work!
Behold – the new kitchen!

08-04-16_12-59-05 AM08-04-16_12-59-11 AM

Penny couldn’t wait to try everything out, so she jumped right in baking a cake for Bellatrix, Bran, Catelyn, and Cedric’s birthdays that night.

08-07-16_11-09-06 PM08-07-16_11-09-10 PM

First up was Bellatrix.  She gained the Gloomy trait.

08-07-16_11-11-03 PM08-07-16_11-11-08 PM

Next up was Bran.  He gained the Neat trait.

08-07-16_11-16-50 PM08-07-16_11-17-06 PM08-07-16_11-17-15 PM

Then came Catelyn.  She gained the Bro trait.

08-07-16_11-23-21 PM

Last up was Cedric.  He gained the Cheerful trait.

08-07-16_11-19-24 PM

Here are a few more shots of the new floor plan – including the added bathroom downstairs and upstairs, plus the renovated kitchen.  Hope you enjoyed this update.  See you soon with some more Potter family posts!

08-08-16_4-33-18 PM08-08-16_4-34-00 PM08-08-16_4-34-09 PM